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100Coach is here to coach you in the skills it takes to beat the pack. Through our 30-video LIVE masterclass sessions across the year. We’re going to place you in a group of like-minded ambitious students hoping to score big. Your coach will take you through what it takes to appear a master of QCE English, even if you’re not a natural talent.

Meet Your Coach

Emily Pitt, 100 in English

Hi! I’m Emily and I will be your mentor for the QCE English 30-lecture series. I am keen to guide you to success and share my tips for one of your most fundamental high school subjects, English. 

As a 2020 graduate, I made the most of my Year 12 experience by getting involved in a variety of sport, music and cultural extra-curriculars whilst also holding various leadership and committee positions at my school. I also challenged myself to succeed highly in all six of my subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Maths, Mathematical Methods and French. 

My work throughout Year 12 meant I was honoured to be awarded Dux of my school, receiving the highest raw internal marks and ATAR. Along with other awards, I graduated with the ADF Future Innovators Award for STEM achievement and QCE Certificates for Academic Commendation and English after receiving a raw score of 100. 

This year, I was accepted into a provisional medical program which has always been a dream of mine. However, this would not have been possible without the study habits that I developed over my years at school – all of which I am keen to share with you. Through my 30-lecture series, it is my goal to pass on the strategies which led me to success in Year 12. 

With English being a compulsory and must pass subject for most Year 12 students, I understand there is often some worry around the assessment pieces, especially since each one requires slightly different skillsets. However, over the course of Year 11 and 12, I worked to break down and master every aspect of the QCE English criteria. I will show you tips so you too can ensure your work ticks off what is needed! My goal is to give you the skills and advice to ensure you feel confident when unpacking, planning, and executing each individual assessment type. 

I enjoyed English as it is a subject where you can express yourself and dive deeper into ideas that resonate with you as an individual. I hope I can help you also find your passion for English as the skills required are valuable well beyond your schooling years! 



30 Lectures of Pure Gold

Our topics are carefully curated to maximise your buildup of skill.

Lecture 1: The Magic Formula to Quotes

Active recall – the most efficient method of memorisation. My unique way of using Quizlet to memorise 50+ quotes in a single night.

How many quotes? The types of quotes? There’s a pattern that I’ll show you that allows you to memorise the peak number of quotes to ensure that you have enough to write any essay and not to many as to waste your time.

The strategies beyond active recall software – both physical and digital – to ensure that on exam day you have a mind filled with every required essay evidence

Lecture 2: IA1:The Analytical Essay

Are you writing for a high profile authors’ magazine? Or for a newspaper opinion piece? Make sure you use appropriate conventions to avoid alienating your audience or not sounding analytical enough

How to brainstorm and come up with ways to link texts. I will give you tips on how to both analyse the themes presented by texts, as well as think critically to find links between them that will make your essay stand out

How to use them to your benefit, whilst avoiding cliches and overdoing it

And 28 other lectures to guide you through the year…

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