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100Coach is here to coach you in the skills it takes to beat the pack. Through our 30-video LIVE masterclass sessions across the year. We’re going to place you in a group of like-minded ambitious students hoping to score big. Your coach, will take you through what it takes to appear a master of HSC Biology, even if you’re not a natural talent.

Meet Your Coach

Hi,  I completed Year 12 in 2020 achieving in the top 10 in NSW for biology. Biology is a content rich subject, however achieving your best results is so much more than memorisation. Understanding the processes and being able to apply this is key.

I will present the key content combined with learning strategies and exam tips to help you achieve your personal best. Year 12 can be a challenging time. I found that having a targeted and systematic approach to learning will make studying more manageable and enjoyable. As a coach at 100Coach, I’d like to share how you can work smarter to build your confidence to tackle any biology question.

30 Lectures of Pure Gold

Our topics are carefully curated to maximise your buildup of skill.

Lecture 1: The Foundations

In the HSC you are required to understand learning over a whole year. I will guide you in ways to set up effective study notes that you will be able to study from throughout the year.

What to include and what to leave out of notes is the big question that will be covered

How to set up a good study regime to maximise learning in a shorter time span

Lecture 2: Experimental Design

Bio requires absolute precision with terms and definitions, and I’ll take you through the best ways to collate and apply terminology.

Understanding the scientific method is central to biology

We will cover the key skills including how to interpret graphs, tables and diagrams

In HSC biology, there are many ways to communicate your response to questions including tables and diagrams

And 28 other lectures to guide you through the year…

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  • The unique skills - Biology is a content subject and the way you memorise determines your score. At 100Coach, we employ a novel skills based approach laced with examples to ensure you are best prepared.

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